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Half Marathon Complete! And Maybe I Need to Set Harder Resolutions Next Year?

As faithful readers of this blog know (Hi Mom! and others… you know who you are — there is a special spot at my virtual table for you anytime. Thank you for reading!!) this blog was created as part of … Continue reading

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Friday Finds: Carrot Cookies, Parenting, Father’s Day Gifts, Make Ahead, Blogging

Happy Friday! Hope any fathers out there have an especially great weekend! Here are some of my favorite links from the week: These carrot cookies in Oreo dirt from the Kitchn are super cute. Any parents of young children would … Continue reading

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Weedless Wednesday! and What is That?

Hi Friends, Happy Wednesday! It’s so fun to stop and take a conscious look at the garden each and every week. The progress is notable and this blog creates a visual journal for documenting the garden’s progress. No deaths to … Continue reading

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Friday Finds: Joyfear, Chubby Mommy, Baking Mix, Fall Garden, Crackers

Hey There! What a week! Sorry for posting so much this week, but I guess there was a lot to say. This week Friday Finds is a little less about recipes and a little more about attitude and running. Hope … Continue reading

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News! Figgsandsuch Featured!

Hi There! Just wanted to share with you some fun and exciting news! I was so flattered to learn that Loy who blogs at From Grandma Loy’s Kitchen highlighted figgsandsuch today in her series — Skipping Through Blogland! How fun … Continue reading

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Weedless Wednesday!

Hi There! I’m taking a break from celebrating the mighty granola bar (gasp!) and wanted to give an update on the garden. We’ve had some morbid developments in the last week: my cucumber plant officially died and I think some … Continue reading

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Granola Bar Week: Playgroup Granola Bars

Hope you’ve enjoyed this celebration of granola bars! This is the last recipe I’ve got to share and it’s a good one — Playgroup Granola Bars posted on I’m not sure many would consider these “healthy” but they are … Continue reading

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