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Granola Bar Week: Playgroup Granola Bars

Hope you’ve enjoyed this celebration of granola bars! This is the last recipe I’ve got to share and it’s a good one — Playgroup Granola Bars posted on I’m not sure many would consider these “healthy” but they are … Continue reading

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Granola Bar Week: Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa Recipe

We are once again celebrating granola bar week, here at figgsandsuch! I wish some granola would start coming down like confetti as I type, but seeing as though that hasn’t happened — Here we go with recipe #2 . Ina … Continue reading

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Granola Bar Week: Yummy Banana Oat Bars

Welcome to Granola Bar Week! This week I’ll be posting about three granola bar recipes we’ve recently experimented with. The first one is Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Yummy Banana Oat Bars Here are the ingredients (applesauce, raisins, oats, bananas, sunflower seeds, … Continue reading

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Making Pear Butter

I got a bee in my bonnet recently to make some pear butter (as opposed to apple butter). I wish I could say that this bee didn’t buzz because I had some pears that were sitting on my kitchen counter … Continue reading

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Mountain of Muffins: Spice, Cranberry, and Berry

Happy Monday! I like to put a muffin in our sack lunches and our stash was getting a little bit low. So we recently made about 3 dozen muffins for freezing. We used the Muffins, Infinite Ways recipe from Mark … Continue reading

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Birthday Celebration: Decorations, Dessert, and Gift

Over the weekend we celebrated the birthday of a special lady — my mom. A lovely lady who has an enormous positive impact in the life of our family each and every day. Here’s a sneak peak at the decorations: … Continue reading

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Pickling Watermelon Rind

Howdy! Hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s day! Over the weekend we pickled watermelon rind. Yes, “we” is necessary here because my very own mother did the prepping of the rind (an enormous job) and the taste testing. I used … Continue reading

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