Composting – the Easy Way?

Recently some friends were talking about composting. We’re very new to composting and I didn’t want to invest in a ton of equipment. It’s absolutely crazy how much composting equipment can cost. Between tumblers and fenced in wooden boxes you can really spend some cash. So instead I did some searching online and this is what we came up with:

A trash can with holes drilled through out.

We roll the trash can around a bit after adding our kitchen waste, but I’m not sure that’s very effective in terms of actually being able to see if any compost is actually being created and actually retrieving that same compost.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we actually seem to be generating some compost.

What works for you in terms of compost?


About figgsandsuch

I'm a thirty-something wife, momma to two, daughter, friend, and wanna be baker, maker, creator, and runner.
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    They even have a kindle version, and it seems to have good reviews – perhaps will be helpful!

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