Cinco de Mayo Treat

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Just wanted to pop in and share a link to a fantastic looking and easy recipe for Sombrero Cookies from Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM. These are the cutest cookies and just right for a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Hope you are having a lovely day.

In other news, I’m going to tackle pickling watermelon rind later this week. I’ve never done any pickling before.  If you have any experience making pickles, etc – I’d love to hear any advice you want to share. Thanks!


About figgsandsuch

I'm a thirty-something wife, momma to two, daughter, friend, and wanna be baker, maker, creator, and runner.
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3 Responses to Cinco de Mayo Treat

  1. DebbieL says:

    Okay! Can’t wait to hear about the pickled watermelon rind. I’ve never made pickles, although my mom always did and I would help her. My sisters still make loads of pickles every summer, raising their own cucumbers too of course! Dill, sweet, bread and butter….. I don’t think it’s too difficult to do, and saves money certainly if your family enjoys pickles and you raise your own cucumbers. BUT watermelon rind sounds quite interesting. Not sure how that would taste!

    • figgsandsuch says:

      Debbie — can’t wait to share! I’ve never actually eaten a pickled rind before — but there’s a first for everything, right? My Dad is a huge fan and I’d like to give him some for father’s day! Have a happy weekend!! Thanks (as always!) for reading!

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