Flower Cupcakes

Howdy! Happy Monday!

We celebrated our eldest daughter’s 3rd birthday on Sunday. A fun time for sure. She specifically requested pink and purple cupcakes and marshmallows. So when I saw these Crazy Cute Cupcakes from Live Pretty, I knew these would be perfect!

Live Pretty offers a pretty handy tutorial — so click on over for all the details. But I did change some things:

  • I didn’t use a Skittle or M&M for the flower’s middle, instead I just piped icing into the middle once the marshmallow petals were decorated and in place.
  • I simply dipped the cut side of the marshmallows into a small plate of sprinkles instead of using a bottle or spoon.

Here are the cupcakes we frosted. Just used a white cake box mix and split the batter into two bowls. I dyed one bowl of batter pink and the other purple. And then just put a little bit of each batter into each cupcake liner:

Here are the marshmallows cut up, we got about 4 “petals” from each large marshmallow:

And the finished product:

These were super easy! Big thanks to Live Pretty for the idea!


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