Friday Finds….Crudite, Crab Rangoon, Fruit Pizza, and Bean Dip

Howdy! Happy almost weekend, friends.

Here are my finds for the week, notice these are bit healthier this time around!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


About figgsandsuch

I'm a thirty-something wife, momma to two, daughter, friend, and wanna be baker, maker, creator, and runner.
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3 Responses to Friday Finds….Crudite, Crab Rangoon, Fruit Pizza, and Bean Dip

  1. figgsandsuch says:

    Oh that does sound so simple and easy!! Interesting how little crab you can actually taste in crab rangoon too — mostly it is just cheese anyway! See you Sunday!!

  2. DebbieL says:

    This fruit pizza recipe is very similar to mine. Minus the Cool Whip in the filling. And I add a cooked sauce made with orange juice and cornstarch drizzled/brushed over the fruit to keep it from turning brown. And my office crowd particularly enjoys the addition of dark chocolate AND white chocolate drizzled over all. Every time someone has a birthday, this is THE dessert they want. I used to make a homemade cookie crust; but, seriously, the refrigerated sugar cookie dough is so easy, inexpensive, and just as yummy! Making me hungry for one now!!! 😉 Really enjoying your blog, Kelly!

    • figgsandsuch says:

      Oh Debbie – that sounds so good, hadn’t thought about the fruit browning, what a good idea! When I’m ready to make this dessert I’ll send you an email and get the full recipe! Thanks so much and thanks so much for reading, sometimes I wonder if I’m just talking to myself!!

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