Turkey Trotin’ and Making Medals

In 2010 I discovered running and have since run in a handful of area races. The Holidays are always hard in terms of all the food that is just laying around calling my name.

This year, we  hosted Thanksgiving, for our family and much to their delight (maybe?) we also hosted a turkey trot. We debated calling it a waddle, but thought that wouldn’t be very nice. So we took a few laps around our cul-de-sac and after finishing every one received a medal for their participation. It was pretty chilly, so I’d like to think the medal was well earned. Here are the all the medals:

And a close up:

The medals were super easy to make (easier than actually finding any to buy, come to find out). Anyway.

Here are the “ingredients” needed:

  • Ball canning jar lids
  • ribbon
  • paper (for the message on the medal)
  • hot glue gun

To do #1: Simply turn over the lids (shinny side on the bottom) and hot glue you pre-printed message to the now top of the medal.

Just a note about the message on the medal: I just printed the medal’s message on some old resume paper and added some clip art. I cut out the message in a circle designed to fit the back of lid. Might be nice to include the year on the medal in case your event is an annual thing.

#2: simply hot glue the message onto the medal.

#3: measure your ribbon (I think we used about a foot and a half for each medal, I think I’d go longer next time) and hot glue both ends of the ribbon to the back of the lid (the shiny side).

And you’re done. Pretty quick and easy. I can imagine this being a good project to reward folks at family field days, birthday parties, and the ever so popular turkey waddle…oops trot!


About figgsandsuch

I'm a thirty-something wife, momma to two, daughter, friend, and wanna be baker, maker, creator, and runner.
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One Response to Turkey Trotin’ and Making Medals

  1. Chrissy says:

    First of all…these are totally cute. And second, what fun!!! Nothing like a little waddling to burn some of those extra holiday calories. 😉

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